eudaemonic- (adj.) producing happiness and well-being

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I went to the local Boys and Girls Club for a story today. They built a new facility, so the owners of the paper and I took a tour.

It was so, very nice.

BUT, the thing that captured me most about this group wasn't the brilliant wall color or smell of fresh varnish on their new gym floor (twice the size of the old one)... it was the zing by which their president voiced what they do within those walls and on that floor.

They build kids up, he said. They give kids a sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility and the encouragement that they can do anything. Really, anything.

It was after that tour that I realized that I probably have the best job in the world. I get to visit with people who have that same zing for issues across the board. Sometimes, a lot, of times bad stuff happens - like rapes, murders, assaults, corruption and the like - but, love always wins.

It's true isn't it? You can disagree with me if you want to, because I know bad things happen in this world. I'm not completely immune to the pain and suffering going on around me... but, it's love that makes people act... that makes people stand up and work to fix problems.

Tam and I were admiring the passion of a shoe salesman (he's more that that really, but, he makes shoes, so that's his job) who gives one pair of shoes away for each he sells. The shoes look exactly the same - minus shoe color - so, it's kind like a fashion and a cultural statement.

Anyway, I was complaining that I wanted to do something (to pull a Nehemiah and rebuild some wall for Jesus, fix some wrong)... but I don't have any particular people group screaming in my ears. I don't know where the broken wall is.

She told me that the way I was fighting injustice was by writing about it, by informing others.


But, I don't think I really do that. As a journalist... I feel like I should remain completely neutral and I mean COMPLETELY neutral. No lean, no slant, no shading of the issues.

I'm a wiry, young laborer... give me a hammer somebody :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Very interesting... I don't know if you can study yourself, but I noticed something about people -- um, by... watching myself (weird!).

So, I'm just going to put this out there... I didn't brush my teeth this morning. Oops. (I wanted to wait until AFTER coffee.) I realized this after I was already in the car.

"It's okay, Stephanie, just sit on the back row and you won't have to talk to (on :) ) anyone."

But, here's what happened:
-arrive at church
-sit in back
-completely forget about smell and move across seven empty chairs to sit next to this older woman who wore her sweater like a cape.

Yep, I had selective hearing with myself.

People are attracted, magnetically attracted, to other people. It's just the way we were made. (Follow me here) And we were made in Christ's image. So, if x=y, they y=x, the that means Jesus is attracted to people.

You didn't need a theory for that one.

Jesus was all about people. Which makes me think this, spurred on by a book I just read -- You know in the New Testament, when Christ just hung out with his disciples. There are lots of examples; have one in mind? Well, I bet Jesus really really happy during those times. Here were people whom, had they completely known who he was based on old testament reactions, would have been totally freaked out by God (three in one) sitting there with them belching around a fire. I mean, I bet the disciples didn't watch their words like they were at the preacher's house. They were totally real. They asked questions, ate food, talked about stuff, and... I bet even laughed when one of them tripped and ate dirt. You know?

So, here's God, hanging out with people whom he loves so much that He's willing to give it all. I just bet that was pretty awesome.

I guess that's all :) Just a reminder of how much we're loved.

Monday, March 12, 2007

This article is vewy interwesting.

Take a look (What's so funny? Well, Maybe Nothing.- New York Times)

On a side note, hi :)

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder. Let me tell you, friends, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of thunder while wrapped in a blanket, 5 minutes before the alarm. Aaah, glorious.

I got up, opened the windows and wrote some letters on the on the front porch. I folded some laundry, cooked a little for the upcoming week (salmon and a new recipe for horseradish hamburgers), hung out and went browsing in Tyler's antique shops with my friend.

This afternoon, the workout room was all mine and I ran to the Rent soundtrack... and sang most of the songs. I feel a lot better after running. I can't live this week like I lived the last one. That's part of how I got in trouble emotionally.

On a brighter note, a few good things came from that crazy last week... in particular that crazy Saturday. That day, I had two car crashes that ended in fatalities, an attempted kidnapping, a double shooting, and a drowning. Well, I scooped the T.V. news with the kidnapping and a story I did earlier about a sheriff deputy and his wife getting busted for insurance fraud. I love beating T.V. to things. It's my favorite. Plus, the attempted kidnapping was the top T.V. news story today. The paper had it in Sunday's edition. Boo-ya :)

Can I boo-ya television news?

Another good thing that came Saturday evening was a visit from a dear friend from College Station. Oh how I miss Aggieland. I wrote my brother about that - how I miss college. But know if I went back today, or if I stayed and got a job there, it wouldn't be the same. College was so wonderful because of the people... not the MSC grass or muddy boots. It was because that's where we spent our lives together.

I do miss College Station as a dot on the map, though. I read a facebook group titled "You know you're from College Station when..." and it brought back so many good memories. No one else understands A&M but another Aggie. "From the outside looking in you can't understand it..." And I sure can't explain it. It was so much more than school, you know?

Once, my dad asked me if I wished my major was something else. My answer? Never. Never, ever would I want to change that decision. It was how I met you, Megan :). It was how I met Crystal and Edith. I learn so much about myself in your love :) It's true! It's true.

And, you know... I probably wouldn't have followed through with Estonia had it not been for Ralph's scholarship and convincing. Oh yeah, and Edith's nudging. Can you imagine? I wouldn't have met Tamara, Katherine or my sweet Robin. I don't even want to imagine my life without y'all in it.

Oh man... I heard a good analogy today. It was about how we don't know what's going to happen in our lives, but if we're with and following God, it will somehow end up for His glory. Well, anyway, the analogy went... (switch into story mode)...

This guy was on a date during an Aggie (*team name changed for relevancy*) football game. He was recording the game on a VHS back home, but got a spoiler text message that said the Ags had won.

Well, back at home and watching the game, he said the first three quarters were brutal. His team was losing, and to make it worse, the Ags fumbled with only seconds on the clock.

At that point, he said had he not known the ending, he would have been "kicking things and yelling"... but because he knew the Ags were going to win, he said he couldn't stop smiling at each failed play. He said he "couldn't wait to see how they would turn it around and win."

Well, I'm a screw up, no really. Still, there have been some pretty awesome things happen in my life. I don't know how... I'm not too good at life, so it wasn't at my hand. So, knowing the ending... I guess I'm a little excited to see how God is going to turn the game around.

You know? Did that make sense?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Forgive the down-ness that follows... This made me feel better.

It's Kendra's latest post. She talks about not seeing the reality of how taken care of we really are.

I could be losing my mind.

I've become a worrier and slightly OCD. I can't sleep because I'm worried about a source questioning the article. I can't sleep because the dishwasher isn't emptied. I can't sleep because I'm scared I won't get it done.

Pretty much, I just can't sleep.

My stomach gnaws at itself; I can't take care of myself and it's stupid.

When other people worry, I tell them that no matter what, in the end there are two results... either you fail and everything will still be okay, or you succeed and everything will still be okay.

So, there you go.

Then why am I so anxious...

I feel so overworked and so under skilled.

Bad weeks normally happen when I work 12 plus hour days... and yet, am still handed stories. That means I can't be proud of any of them, therefore feel like I'm not doing my part because I'm not improving the paper.

Plus, when I'm working so much, I get home just long enough to wash my face and try to unwind... then lay in bed, staring at the clock.

With no quiet, calm time with God and no real digging in the Bible... I have no protection and my weak (puny too, because there's not enough time to run) body gets bombarded and knocked down by the Devil. Not the one with plastic horns and a tail, but the one who tries his best to lodge lies in my head that make me feel less loved, less worth it, less rescued.

I don't know if I need a vacation or some encouragement... I could go for some encouragement.

Maybe after my big story is done (or at least started) I'll feel better.


Monday, March 05, 2007

I bought a fishing pole,

a handful of lures,

and a fishing license.

Then... I went fishing!

It was really nice, too. A work friend and I went for a walk in a park nearing the city limit sign, and, in addition to several playing fields and a walking trail, found a pond. Cool, huh?

That same day I went to Walmart and bought my new toys. Then, the next day, I used them.

It brought back a lot of really good memories that I can't place... maybe a better way to phrase that it is it brought back a lot of really good feelings that reminded me of the past.

It was just me, in an oversized t-shirt and shorts, ratty tennis shoes and dirty hair in a hat... windows rolled down and sun roof open... country music on the radio, with no schedule, just going to fish. A friend came too.

It was really nice. The only problem was that I had taken allergy medicine before and started getting really sleepy. I had gone to Home Depot's garden center earlier and guess got bombarded by pollen or mold, or... something.

When I got home I stretched out on the couch and could not keep my eyes open. You sleep really well when you're doped up on Benadryl. I had forgotten.


Didn't catch anything; maybe next time.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's a difference in opinion, yet, I think I'm right. :)

We have a strain of flu going around the office. Okay, okay... it's not quite an epidemic yet, but there are two documented cases of the shakes, upchucks and feverish overall bad feeling. One of those two afore mentioned cases won't stay home from work. SHE'S KILLING ME! Literally.

I'll give fake names to the two so it isn't quite as confusing. Nina (the first worker to fall ill), Pinta (the second) and the Santa Maria (I'll give myself a code name just to keep the trio together.) Anyway, Pinta and another coworker were discussing how Nina should be at work because Pinta was giving it her all, therefore Nina should too.

Pinta woke up last night, from her own account, five times shaking and sweating. Yes. That's right. Dizziness soon followed.

Nina has been home three days all achy with a fever and constant vomiting.

Do I want either one of them at the office? No, Santa Maria says absolutely not.

Why is there still a stigma that if you go home sick, you're not a good worker. It's seriously viewed upon as lazy.

I strongly disagree and the data backs me up. You waste more of the company's money in lost productivity when you work sick and you put everyone else in the office at risk for the same thing. That puts worker's families at risk too. It's not worth it.

I understand stories have to be written and deadlines don't waver for even the sickest dog, but, have a heart... work from home.

Be a hero on your own time.

Thanks and gig'em