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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm learning that the old adage is true- you don't want to watch the making of sausage or politics if you ever want to enjoy either again. I'm learning that the people that I once held high as political benchmarks, now fall to the lower end... because they're human. But that is what's so amazing about our political system, the American democracy, is that it's not perfect. It's an imperfect system made for imperfect governors to rule an imperfect country, and I think it works rather well. Think about it- Bills go through so many ringers before they're passed. They're picked apart by the introducing member, subcommittee, committee, in the House, Senate, our President, and I've left out boocoos of steps! Just like 3 year olds, our law makers have to be watched and checked up on to make sure these ideas that they want enforced, really are best for the people. These members are like little kids sometimes; they'll give birthday cake to their friends and stick their tongues out at the others. They're imperfect people, but when governed by other imperfect people who want other things... hey, look'e there! We're balanced again! My favorite "keep you honest," group is the press. Yes! Who broke the news of the recent leaks? They give the American people a useful, useable, used version of what's happening in D.C., so that we can keep them accountable too. Yes, they need to be held in check too. There are some crazies, but ultimately, the people are the ones in charge here. Have address, will vote in district. We hold the vote!

So, random observation aside- had a good weekend. Went to Winchester, VA and the Shenandoah Valley to see the leaves and pick apples. Mmmm. I'm going to break out the apple recipes that I've never gotten to make before and get flour everywhere! Well yea!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sorry, sorry sorry. I haven’t blogged in many many days. But, if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise….um, 14 stories up to my apartment :O) … I am back on the blogging trail.

Soooo…. I feel like the singer on the “I’ve been everywhere,” song. …. just take a big breath and let the cities (or in my case, experiences) roll on.

I’ve written a floor speech, personal letters for the congressman, attended a movie screening for the movie Dreamer, went to a D.C. rodeo with white sand in the arena (we sat behind the president of smokeless tobacco co.), went to Annapolis for the Naval Academy and ate cream of crab soup, went to some hearings for the agriculture committee, Chris came to see me and we went to an apple orchard and had a grand old time.... the end

Oh wait! No it isn’t! My dear, sweet, gem of a friend Crystal got engaged! Yes! It is true! She is going to marry Mr. Mason and I can hear her smile over the phone. It’s a smile that she used when she first told me that he was the man she wanted to marry. Now she is! Oh, that senorita is so special!

Okay now... The End

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

The weekend....
This weekend was lovely. Saturday started late (aaah, sleeping late is great) and began at the Pentagon City Mall. No shopping allowed though.. we just walked there because it has an easier subway pick up as our little part of town is being maintenance on the weekends. One of our fellas got his hair cut at a salon in the mall called Bubbles. He was quite nervous. He had never been to a salon before, only a barber. It was a little funny because he was seriously jittery. The man at the front counter had spiked colored hair with an earring, and that was just scary for our ag boy. But being the brave soldier that he is, he walked in there and took a swively seat... and was trimmed. When we met back up with him he was so excited. He said that his hair stylist's name was CC and she knew all about hair. She showed him all these tricks and washed his hair. It was a good experience. It may not sound funny on the screen, but it was super giggley in person. From there we went and ate at California Pizza Kitchen, which was pretty yummy.

Then off to the National Archives. The line was ginormious, but being that we're federal employees, all we had to do was flash the badge and we were allowed right in....much to the distain of the hundreds of vociferous, impatient people we just cut in front of :O). Hey, don't give me that look.. policy was in place and I just took advantage of it!

We went to the Washington Monument, WWII memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial. At Mr. Lincoln's house we got to watch an engagement! It was so sweet. The guy was so nervous that he was just talking to random people on the steps... us included. He told us that her best friend was walking her over from the WWII Memorial right now, so we decided to sit and watch the action. He said the Lincoln Memorial was her favorite monument. Awwww. The Lincoln Memorial has lots of steps leading up to the main attraction, and people sit on those steps. So, keep in mind that there were tons of people here. The girl walked up the stairs with a batch of flowers in her arms and her free hand over her mouth. He asked her to sit with him and started his speech with, "so, are you having a good day." ha! The he sang a song and had her stand up where he asked her to marry him. She said yes and the whole "stands" erupted with clapping and hooting! She turned to the stairs and yelled "Thanks for the memories!" Super cute.

We got caught in metro delays on the way home... after sitting for about 20 min. one of our guys went to the conductor to ask him how long it would be before we could leave. The conductor had been really chatty the whole time telling us what was happening and why we were stopped... but after Jimbo left to ask... all of the sudden he got on the loud speaker and said I DO NOT KNOW WHEN WE ARE LEAVING. I don't know. Please do not get out of your cars to ask me because I DO NOT KNOW. Our whole car started laughing. When Jimbo got back on the train looking like a dog that had just been kicked it just made us laugh even more.

It was a fun day.

Today we went to the National Cathedral for church! It was super pretty, but I miss my church back home. FBC Bryan is a great church! Then we ate at my favorite restaurant, Montana Teds.

Now, I'm going to read a book!!!!! WELL YEA!

I like my office. I like the people that work there. They're funny, smart, have an jaw-dropping vocabulary, care about each other and work hard. But sometimes it's a little hard to work there. I feel a little out of the loop, but at the same time I don't want to be in the loop. Two of my co-workers were talking the other day about President Regan's Secretary of Education. Apparently he said something that he shouldn't have... past Sec. Bennett made a race laced comment about abortion. In response the woman said, "You know, that's fine if they want to be at the church with their all uptight rules and outlooks. But, if you're going to say it, stick to it man. There's nothing that makes me madder than a hypocrite." The conversation soon turned to Tom Delay and the guy that she was talking to said in mock defense of her attack, "No, but he's a God fearing Christian." I don't know if I winced outwardly, but that comment stung like something I have never felt before. Of course some people aren't open to the Lord when the main example they're given of him is all talk and no action - thank you CNN. It was an eye opener of what I do in my life. If you're going to do something shady, for goodness sake don't get caught! ------ JUST KIDDING :o) hehehe. But really, I'm not called to live a perfect life, good thing too.... I am called to live a life of love. We're not supposed to hide our mistakes and then cover the hole with more dirt, but instead we should bring them out and get help. I've never thought of someone needing help as noble, but exposing yourself is a scary thing to do. It's also a big step towards showing people that you're not some perfect, put together little robot wearing pearls, singing praise songs, and speaking in verses. Instead, it shows that you were once just as confused as everyone else... but you found an answer. I'd be much more willing to take advice from someone who's "been there, done that," than someone who's never had a bad day in their life. People crave realness, and unfortunately the church doesn't always provide. I'm rambling... so I guess all I'm saying is that it made me think.

oh yeah, I should include that Bennett's quote was taken out of context. The question was something like if babies hadn't been aborted the we wouldn't have problems with Social Security and unemployment. Bennett's response was, roughly - no, you can't say something that broad and it still be true. That would be like saying if.... and then his reported quote finishes it off. So, it wasn't exactly as they reported it, but he should have known better.