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Sunday, October 02, 2005

The weekend....
This weekend was lovely. Saturday started late (aaah, sleeping late is great) and began at the Pentagon City Mall. No shopping allowed though.. we just walked there because it has an easier subway pick up as our little part of town is being maintenance on the weekends. One of our fellas got his hair cut at a salon in the mall called Bubbles. He was quite nervous. He had never been to a salon before, only a barber. It was a little funny because he was seriously jittery. The man at the front counter had spiked colored hair with an earring, and that was just scary for our ag boy. But being the brave soldier that he is, he walked in there and took a swively seat... and was trimmed. When we met back up with him he was so excited. He said that his hair stylist's name was CC and she knew all about hair. She showed him all these tricks and washed his hair. It was a good experience. It may not sound funny on the screen, but it was super giggley in person. From there we went and ate at California Pizza Kitchen, which was pretty yummy.

Then off to the National Archives. The line was ginormious, but being that we're federal employees, all we had to do was flash the badge and we were allowed right in....much to the distain of the hundreds of vociferous, impatient people we just cut in front of :O). Hey, don't give me that look.. policy was in place and I just took advantage of it!

We went to the Washington Monument, WWII memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial. At Mr. Lincoln's house we got to watch an engagement! It was so sweet. The guy was so nervous that he was just talking to random people on the steps... us included. He told us that her best friend was walking her over from the WWII Memorial right now, so we decided to sit and watch the action. He said the Lincoln Memorial was her favorite monument. Awwww. The Lincoln Memorial has lots of steps leading up to the main attraction, and people sit on those steps. So, keep in mind that there were tons of people here. The girl walked up the stairs with a batch of flowers in her arms and her free hand over her mouth. He asked her to sit with him and started his speech with, "so, are you having a good day." ha! The he sang a song and had her stand up where he asked her to marry him. She said yes and the whole "stands" erupted with clapping and hooting! She turned to the stairs and yelled "Thanks for the memories!" Super cute.

We got caught in metro delays on the way home... after sitting for about 20 min. one of our guys went to the conductor to ask him how long it would be before we could leave. The conductor had been really chatty the whole time telling us what was happening and why we were stopped... but after Jimbo left to ask... all of the sudden he got on the loud speaker and said I DO NOT KNOW WHEN WE ARE LEAVING. I don't know. Please do not get out of your cars to ask me because I DO NOT KNOW. Our whole car started laughing. When Jimbo got back on the train looking like a dog that had just been kicked it just made us laugh even more.

It was a fun day.

Today we went to the National Cathedral for church! It was super pretty, but I miss my church back home. FBC Bryan is a great church! Then we ate at my favorite restaurant, Montana Teds.

Now, I'm going to read a book!!!!! WELL YEA!


Blogger Kat said...

wow that does sound like a fun day! I love getting to read books. I read a book yesterday (the lion the witch and the wardrobe) It was really good. i had never read it before. I read it all over campus. The engagement sounds fun too! What a way to start it out "so ... are you having a good day" i bet it just got better. haha. well i loved talking to you this weekend and i am excited about november 2nd!!

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