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Sunday, October 02, 2005

I like my office. I like the people that work there. They're funny, smart, have an jaw-dropping vocabulary, care about each other and work hard. But sometimes it's a little hard to work there. I feel a little out of the loop, but at the same time I don't want to be in the loop. Two of my co-workers were talking the other day about President Regan's Secretary of Education. Apparently he said something that he shouldn't have... past Sec. Bennett made a race laced comment about abortion. In response the woman said, "You know, that's fine if they want to be at the church with their all uptight rules and outlooks. But, if you're going to say it, stick to it man. There's nothing that makes me madder than a hypocrite." The conversation soon turned to Tom Delay and the guy that she was talking to said in mock defense of her attack, "No, but he's a God fearing Christian." I don't know if I winced outwardly, but that comment stung like something I have never felt before. Of course some people aren't open to the Lord when the main example they're given of him is all talk and no action - thank you CNN. It was an eye opener of what I do in my life. If you're going to do something shady, for goodness sake don't get caught! ------ JUST KIDDING :o) hehehe. But really, I'm not called to live a perfect life, good thing too.... I am called to live a life of love. We're not supposed to hide our mistakes and then cover the hole with more dirt, but instead we should bring them out and get help. I've never thought of someone needing help as noble, but exposing yourself is a scary thing to do. It's also a big step towards showing people that you're not some perfect, put together little robot wearing pearls, singing praise songs, and speaking in verses. Instead, it shows that you were once just as confused as everyone else... but you found an answer. I'd be much more willing to take advice from someone who's "been there, done that," than someone who's never had a bad day in their life. People crave realness, and unfortunately the church doesn't always provide. I'm rambling... so I guess all I'm saying is that it made me think.

oh yeah, I should include that Bennett's quote was taken out of context. The question was something like if babies hadn't been aborted the we wouldn't have problems with Social Security and unemployment. Bennett's response was, roughly - no, you can't say something that broad and it still be true. That would be like saying if.... and then his reported quote finishes it off. So, it wasn't exactly as they reported it, but he should have known better.


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Blogger megamoo06 said...

Hi friend, I was thinking about you today. A cold front blew in, and POOF! it was fall. We miss you here.

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