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Friday, September 02, 2005

"Aaaye, buy a flower off a poor girl. AAAYEEE, I'm a good girl I am!!!!"

I went to go see My Fair Lady, the play yesterday and it was soooo fun! Hannah, Whitney and I caught the metro and then grabbed a bus, and viola we arrived at the theater. Jolly good, yes jolly good sir. It was an outdoor theater like Wolf Pen in College Station. We got tickets on the lawn so it was only $18! Oh my word, was it wonderful! I had pretty high expectations, seeing it was M.F.L. and all. I can quote that movie from beginning to end... including the music numbers, so, I was pumped up.

They didn't disappoint. It was wonderful! There was dancing and singing and great acting. There was even an orchestra! I laughed at Eliza. I sighed at Pickering's humor. I fumed at Higgins' bull headedness, and then I froze my fanny off!!! It was soooo cold! Once the sun went down, the temperature dropped muy rapido. It was ffaaa faaa freezing! We were sitting on a blanket on the outside lawn, so when it got cold we huddled together and wrapped up in that baby. Aaaah. It has been the best thing I've gotten to do so far.

So, the TV show "What Not to Wear" is going to be at the mall one metro stop down from me next week... and... it's very girly of me, but I want to go :O). I think I will. Freshman year (the only full year I had cable in college :O) ) My roommate Deanna and I would watch that show every week. It was my absolute favorite. They're going to have different booths set up and maybe have some free stuff.

Free, I like free :O)


Blogger AdSenseGuy said...

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8:02 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

wow how cool is that... a little too cool i guess since you froze your bootie off! You are just having adventures left and right. I can't believe that you got to see my fair lady in real live! sweetness. Luke came home today. I like that little doggie. I was going to go running with him but i couldnt find his leash. oh well... ill look more tomarrow. I also watched your special edition of the princess bride. so good. as yyyooouuuu wwwiiissssshhhh (the as looked a little inappropriate with multiple letters so i didnt draw it out ... but youll get the picture're a smart girl) Love ya jeter. you aarr a good gurl you aarr

12:35 AM  
Blogger Edith said...

I dunno, it sounds like you're enjoying this way too much! You ahd better want to come home to Texas! Edith

12:46 PM  

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