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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Arg…I’ve been foiled again Batman!

It’s official, I’m the most blessed girl in College Station! I have proof… but it’s in my tummy :o) My office threw a surprise going away party. But it wasn’t just any party. Oh no. It was a TEA PARTY!!! Isn’t that the sweetest most thoughtful thing in the world? Edith made a absolutely to die for chocolate cake (mmmm mmmmm MMMMMM), Crystal made delectable cookies with Reese’s P.B. cups in the middle (w-w-w-what you ask? Yes, I said a p.b. cup in the middle!), and Megan (my Betty Crocker) made charming little tea sandwiches that you just had to eat with a pinky extended! Edith brought real true-life tea cups from Estonia, flowers, honey for the tea, and lacy tablecloths.

I’m not good with attention (a strange attribute to round out my uber strange persona) so I don’t know if I adequately showed how special it made me feel. But, oh, it did! Edith and Austin even made me something! Edith created this gorgeous lamp with Estonian coins and two Estonian buttons on it! Oh my word, it’s great! What’s a better word than great? It’s downright wonderful! And Austin… well, with what I’m sure is the most manly glue gun known he took buttons (my favorite thing) and glued them to a decorative box! AAAAHHH! I know! These people!

So, now I’m savoring the moment… luckily, I’m going to get to savor it everyday for a month, because that’s how long I’m going to have to run to make my jeans fit after the smorgasbord of chocolate! Oh yeah, I didn't mention that... they even considered making everything chocolate, risking their lives, teetering towards chocolate overdose just to make me smile....awwww I forgot about the surprise part. Edith sent me on a run to Wells Fargo to deposit a check… sneaky sneaky.


Blogger Kat said...

chocolate sure beats beets...hehe.

2:31 PM  
Blogger megamoo06 said...

I have a feeling Edith won't stop wearing black when you leave. That trend may stick around this office for a while; we're going to miss you!

8:08 AM  

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