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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm a sucker for those paid advertisements on television. I'm currently enamored with "The Ladies of Motown," boxed CD set being advertised on the TAMU PBS station. Diane Ross, The Supremes…I'm not going to buy it of course, but there's something inside me that says, "get it get it." hahaha The songs really make you tap your toe. They just played "Please Mr. Postman," and it made me dance around the kitchen. “On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined.”- Lord Byron :O)”.....
Back when Elizabeth and I lived together, we listened to music from the 70s all the time. We dug around the garage and found an old record player and jammed out :O). We would turn it up and just dance and dance and dance in our pajamas. Good memories! I love that girl!
Man, these people doing the talking are good! And have you ever seen the 30 minute commercial for the magic bullet? Oh my goodness, it looks awesome!!! It's like a miniature blender that makes everything from pancakes to ice cream! All for just two easy payments of 15.99. ooooohhh :O)
What's another good one that catches your eye... oh yes, how could I forget! The Mauri Winsor Pilates workouts. Yes yes, sweet talkers these salesmen/women are. They're exceptionally good at their job!

Nothing of depth today, just doing the mashed potato and twist in my socks :o)


Blogger Kat said...

mashed potatoes... mmmm mmmm good. love ya stephie. see you soon.

7:38 AM  

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