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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My hometown church served Lord's Supper at Easter.





I had been thinking about how... how can I write this. I had been thinking about how a lot of Christian teachers say that to make God happy, or for you to be happy in your Christian walk, or to make God really love you, you need to be perfect. Sinless if you will.

(***Disclaimer, I know that we are called to be like Christ and Christ was perfect, alas, we are to be perfect, but there's a line there... I think it falls right beside the fact that I'm not Christ. Huh... who knew? But, still I know you can go too far with this way of thinking, just like you can go too far with the drive to be perfect. So, walk with care.)

So, if that were the story: if us being good made God happy... then... why do we celebrate Easter? If us being good made God happy, then why did God feel the need to send Jesus to earth? If us being good made God happy, then why did Jesus have to die.

That's not a hard message to send out.

Hey, kids: Be good or you're not my favorite... and we all know where my non-favorites go (points down)

No, rather God's message was, what?

I come to give you life.

It is for freedom that I have set you free.

I'm tossing your sins as far as the east is from the west.

Drop off your burden at the cross.

I don't come for the healthy, but for the sick.

Yeah? I think Christianity has become too synonymous with morals and conservatism and Ann Taylor with pearls (although I love Ann Taylor and pearls). God's love is unconditional even for those who struggle.

You think so too?

So, next time you hold the bread and grape juice (hahaha) remember that Jesus wasn't sent to remind us that we better behave or don't dare approach the throne... he came to say he is love and then he died to take that sin we won't let go away from us.

I love Easter. Spring seems to be a time for starting anew, but that fresh start is offered any day of the year.


Blogger robin said...

good good words

8:42 AM  
Blogger deep&blue said...

It's true! You and I ARE experiening the same life, just in different states!!! Why can't we be in the same place?!

9:59 PM  

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