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Monday, April 16, 2007

In among the magazine shelves, the newest self-help books and the editorial on Good Morning America...have y'all noticed this?

In the past year, going "green" has turned hip.
In the past month, I've seen morning news show hosts "ooh" and "aww" over a wedding table placement made out of recycled materials and no-ship flowers (driving the pretty pretty petunias hundreds of miles from the farm to the florist lets loose a lot of pollution).
Tax commercials are even getting in the gig, showing prospective customers how they can get money from Uncle Sam by using solar power in their homes.
In the past week I've seen a Glamour magazine article yelling the same message...

"We must care for what we have."--- HEY!!! Me too :)

Wow... when did this happen? When did being environmentally conscious become a t-shirt logo.

I think it's AWESOME that people are taking notice to water usage, except, when something takes hold in this society... it normally turns militant.

I'm envisioning a paper-plate burning to make a statement about our disposable culture.

hehehe, probably not :)

Also, I guess... I'm just a little disappointed that the whole idea has turned so... popular, rather than care-driven. But, even if it's for the free recycled soda coozy, I'm glad that people who didn't used to care are now donning a reflective orange vest to pick up trash on the side of the road.

Celebrities like Madonna and Al Gore are getting the credit, while agriculture (the original naturalist) still doesn't get any props. I think about all the work the Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas Cooperative Extension, Farm Bureau do in the name of education and research for environmental quality. For no lip service.

I'm such a snob... they don't need any back pats, but I'd like to see ag at least mentioned in the national mind for being partly responsible for the cool new burlap bag shoes in Foley's window.

Ag is hip to the green push.


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