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Friday, July 08, 2005

Last night it rained HARD. I'm talking thunder shaking the ground, lighting flashing across the sky and rain pelleting my brown lawn. It was the good kind. I hadn't heard or seen rain for such a long time that I just sat and listened. I turned off all the lights in the house and opened the front curtains. As soon as I did, thunder crashed and a bolt of lighting flashed and lit up the whole kitchen and living room. It was glorious! I sat there and thought about rain. I understand that the water droplets are formed when warm moist air rises. The water vapor condenses and forms raindrops. The drops bounce around in the cloud and run into each other. That causes the drops to get bigger... and biggER.. and BIGGER until they're too heavy to stay in the cloud, falling gracefully from the toasted marshmallow looking clouds in the sky to the tip of my nose. But, there's something else behind the science of sidewalk splashing puddles... a creator. AAAHH, just observing the force of nature just makes you proclaim "He's my God!" Man, He's strong, powerful, mighty, my healer, banner, love. He's all knowing and cares about the little things- Cattle didn't have any grass to eat because it was dry... cue, rain. This description is all very bouncy (from one subject to the next) but that's how it was revealed to me... with each flash of lighting or crack of thunder I caught a glimpse of my mighty all-powerful God. With each drop that was absorbed into the ground, I was knocked down at how much He is in control of all things, and how much He really cares-Which is a lot! A whole stinkin' heck of a lot! Let it rain!


Blogger Kat said...

oh the rain... it is really somethin. I love watching it too...especially when its warm outside and I can go outside in it. I have to watch out for lightening though...i dont wanna get fried. Today in church at gtown, the paster talked about all the beautiful things that God creates in nature and about how wonderous they are. Then he talked about the creation of us. God is so good. I'll be there to see you soon. I am leaving tomarrow to pack up and move my stuff to your home, homie. I also wrote tam a letter today and ill probabally write JB one too. It is so easier to write emails but more fun to get letters. well ill call ya tomarrow when i get there... we should hang. Ill see ya soon.

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