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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ode to a study-free day:
oh, that I would ever see
a day without studying... what fun that would be!

I would come home after a hard days work
and not do anything... it would keep me from going berserk!

I like to learn, I really do!
But when it's just too much, I have to say BOO!

What would I do on this day you may ask?
I'll tell you, for it's something that puts a smile on my face, a permanent one like a mask.

I would read a book, yes that sounds nice
I would make some tea, and put it on ice.

I would run without pondering ag policy definitions,
and simply rely on my own thoughtful premonitions.

I would paint my toes.
I would take time to powder my nose

I would scrapbook
Or, I could even cook!

Someday, I really believe I’ll see
A study-free day… oh my golly gee!

Until then, I’ll continue my trudge
And if it gets to be too much... in my cabinet, I have some really great fudge!


Blogger Kat said...

Your wings are trapped I can see
Set yourself free
Come hang with me

Too much homework can get really hard
but eat when youre hungry
and sleep when youre tired

harhar... i am so sleepy but i will probabally have some more rymes for you soon.... i like rymes.... they call me string on the street... cuz i can rap it up like a kat does a ball a string but i dont eat it which would force owners to have the string removed from the stomache. You would be suprized how much that happens....

night sweetie pie

10:32 PM  

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