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Sunday, July 17, 2005

I got in late last night from my Elizabeth's wedding. It was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I cannot believe that she's married! She and Jason looked so happy! Aaahhh! They're married!

The wedding day was actually a wedding weekend for the bridesmaids. I left College Station around 11:00 on Thursday to drive to San Marcos for Elizabeth's bachelorette party! We stayed in a condo on the river... it was SO much fun (beside the fact that I was late and got lost. It was not a great way to introduce myself to everyone). We floated the river, hung out, ate at Joe's and had just a really fun time. I have never floated the river before, but it's super! Let's go again! We played shower games, opened lingerie (ooh la la) and ate yummy food. After we were done with the festivities and were ready to hit the hay, we prayed over her. It was really special. We all just love her so much!

The next morning we got up early and drove to Fredericksburg to decorate the reception hall. Red and crème was beautiful! After decorating, we had about an hour to get to the rehearsal ... left right left... and then had the rehearsal dinner in Stonewall. BBQ, PEACHES AND FRESH TOMATOES!!!! Yum-ola! Then we headed back to the Henke home and helped Eliz make some final preparations. She was the calmest, coolest bride I have ever seen or heard of.

The next morning (the day of the wedding!) we got up and headed to the beauty shop where they had decorated the windows for Eliz. "Sexy Bride" "We love Eliz" and "Congratulations" were written all across the front windows! It was really special! Some of their close friends had put together a brunch... it was just so special! I wish I had a different word, but the whole thing was just SO special for Eliz.!!! We got all pretty and went to the church! After getting dressed and taking pictures it was all just a blur! I don't know how the bride and groom will remember it all! I guess the million-half pictures will help :)! When Eliz walked down the aisle I had to catch my breath.. I had seen her in the dress, but she was just radiant! And Jason! He was just so happy! Bing bang boom and welcome Mr and Mrs. F!

Now they're in SA until they catch a flight to get on a cruise.... watch out world, here comes the lovey dovey dynamic duo!


Blogger Kat said...

"Ma wage...what brings us togethew today" It sounds like you had a wonderful wonderful special time and Eliz had a very special time too.It's cool that the townspeople wrote on the windows of the beauty shop. Someday i will write on your beauty shop wondows... maybe Robin will have her own shop then and we can have a party in the beauty shop. That would be fun! Speaking of beauty shop...Chap Rob and i waxed our legs about ouch ouch ouch. Robin has millions of little red spots on her legs from the long flowing hair that she ripped out. It was kinda fun though. A little gal roomate bonding time. Nothin better than bonding over ripping each other's leg hair out...haha. I will talk to you tomarrow girlie... get some rest.

11:13 PM  
Blogger steph-a-ronie said...

awwww... thanks kat! You're the best!!! "better than all the rest!!!!!!!!"

muah (hehehehe)

3:15 PM  

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