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Thursday, October 05, 2006

WORD OF THE DAY (okay, it was from a few days ago... but today is the perfect day for it)- Madeleine \MAD-uh-lun\ noun
1 : a small rich shell-shaped cake
*2 : one that evokes a memory

I'm at subbing at the high school today and, ahhhh, madeleines up to the ceiling! First I guess I should stutter my excuse for being on the computer while I should be shaping young minds (or at least making sure the students don't take those minds and bang them against each other). I'm the ARD girl. When the teachers leave to go to their meetings I take their place; so, I go to a different class each hour. The class I was scheduled to be in (the home ec. class) doesn't have students until 11:50. I was kind of hoping I would get to play in there. BUM! Oh well. I am now in my mother's classroom talking to you :O).

Before I left home ec, I used her restroom. Oh man, I hadn't been in there un many many moons! I can remember utilizing her WC after FCCLA meetings in the mornings or lunch... they weren't in the actual restroom, but the restroom is part of the classroom. When we left for meetings or contests, we would use that restroom to get ready. I kind of got a nervous stomach feeling in there because four years ago it would mean I was about do so some public speaking. I guess old habits die hard. :O)

Application sentence (hehehe)-
The home economics bathroom, with its ribbon embellished mirror and half-a-decade old posters, was a madeleine for me, taking my brain on a time warp ride back to high school.



Blogger Deep&Blue said...

Oh Stephie. I miss you.

12:37 PM  

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