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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hello :O) Monday is my last day of class. Today is Saturday. WOAH! I can't even process that. What will I do? Well, short-term plans are working the following week to help out the office (they're short staffed right now and they pay me :O) ). I got a really nice e-mail from them. One of my bosses e-mailed to ask what my "favorites" were, as in food, drink, colors, for a going away party. This woman has never sent me an e-mail. It made me smile :O). Right now I am at the computer lab working on my photography assignments. My final assignment is due Monday. That means that today may be the last time I come here to work. Wow, again. I talked to Tamara today and described campus to her. I like making concrete memories, and descriptions help me do that. I love the way words can stream together to form much more than a sentence... it forms emotion. How is that possible? There is a perfect word for everything, and when someone applies that word to their conversation it just feels good, like the tea has finished seeping and you’re lounging on the couch wearing soft socks. It’s just a good feeling :O) Stephen called from Fish Camp today. HA, for work I was part of a video for the Quack Shack. I sat in the blood drawing chair (eeehhhhhaaaa) and the nurse pretended to draw my blood. Now, I knew it was fake, I knew it. But seeing that needle go so close to my arm made me really nervous. I felt like I was giving blood! I had to look away and think non-fainting thoughts. I really have a problem!!! Maybe I should go get hypnotized. What do you think? :O) Anyway, the video was unveiled at the first Fish Camp and Stephen said he yelled out, “That’s my sister,” and no one believed him. I mean, I am amazingly good looking… I can see how people would think we weren’t related. (hehehehehe, just kidding) Stephen told me they believed him in the end, sighting the curly hair as the “seal the deal” genetic trait linking us together. I hope you have a good day!


Blogger megamoo06 said...

My friend! I just discovered you're blogging again. That makes me oh-so-happy! I'm so proud of you for even PRETENDING to have blood drawn. I know how much it bothers you. (By the way, I'm all supportive of the hypnosis thing - it can't hurt anything but your pocketbook to try!)

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