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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Want to hear a story... anyone? Anyone? No objections? Okay, then I will commence to start :O)

We have these chickens. They like to squawk and cluck and poop, but their contribution to the world pretty much ends there... that is until recently. Yes! Our chickens have started laying eggs! About a week ago, we found some nests full o' eggs but never cleaned them out because we were afraid the chickens would stop laying there (and move to a unseen location to create their sunny sides up :O) ). Anyway, I decided that today would be the day that I cleaned out the nests so that we could make things with eggs in them... and not just any eggs... our chickens' eggs. (mmmmmm, :O) ). Starting my task, soon I had gathered up about 30 eggs for the trash bag, but instead of throwing them away... I LAUNCHED them into the pasture!!!! "And she has the egg, she checks third base, winds up and lets the yolk FLY!!!" (or) "For the first time in Olympic history, Troy, Texas has a contestant in the egg throwing competition. Her past throws have caused even the most solemn faced Old McDonald to break out his celebration overalls."

Sometimes you just want to be destructive, you know? Eggs flying... cows looking... sticky hands...Yes, it was a beautiful thing.

I also learned something. I couldn't throw in high school. I couldn't throw in college. And, wouldn't you know it? I can't throw as an old lady either!


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