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Saturday, November 19, 2005

My emotions are a little indescribable. It’s weird- it’s like my life is alive and moving inside of me instead of externally. Okay, that sounds even weirder. I crave companionship, but when it’s offered, I turn inward and just want to be a fly on the wall. I love walking by myself and watching everything around me- soaking up other people’s lives and feelings. For example, tonight is one of the interns last work day in DC and we decided to go out and celebrate. Since I’m in this mood, on the way to the place I stared down and drank up every single person that passed. The windows in the Cannon building were lit up and I could see people working inside. These are the people that are shaping policy in America. I don’t know about you, but anything past securing a personal opinion is overwhelming to me with it comes to the government. It’s easy to say that education is important and complain that the system is flawed, but it’s hard to say how to fix it. That’s why I’m a voter and not a runner for officer. Anyway, as I passed by their offices, I could almost feel their passion and drive for what they were doing. I envisioned their emotions, gave them names and imagined their lives. The ATM on the corner had a line stretching 5 people. Two of them were sweethearts and were taking advantage of the lock on their time by smooching. A guy was smoking a cigar by the bookstore. The aroma almost melted into who he was. The shops were lit up and provided individual illuminated situations to contrast with the cold street. The outside world was just as captivating and tactile… yet, ethereal. The pattern the cobblestone streets spoke just as soundly as art on canvas. The moving lights on the road made it even more animated. So- there’s no point. No reason to any of this except it’s kind of fun to be a snoop you know?


Blogger megamoo06 said...

I know that feeling you're talking about: when you kind of feel like you're floating just a little bit above yourself. I've always thought it must be similar to being an angel: always watching and around, but not really a part of the action.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

good discription...I'll bet that DC is a good place to people watch... people walking around so close to each other, yet never actually connecting with anyone around them. It's a strange, true concept.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Deep&Blue said...

Steph...I can't wait to observe with you in D.C. And I should've told you before, but your blog warms my heart just a little bit. ;-)

9:07 PM  

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