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Friday, December 08, 2006

What would it look like if I lived my life like it was enough. What would happen I didn't spend my time waiting for something that I wanted, that I thought I had to have in order to live life. What if I didn't think things like, "When I have a family, I'll (fill in the blank)," or "Once I have my own house, I'll finally be able to (pick a verb)," or my favorite "Once I get my feet on the ground, then I'll ___"

Yep, what would happen if I took this day and... whoa, wait a second here... DID SOMETHING with it! What if I lived everyday to its complete potential. If my day was "a sorry folks no juice left here, it has all been squeezed out," day.

That's really what I'm trying to work on. It is so easy for me to make the plans, to organize it in my head, and then never follow through.

Here, it's especially hard because this job I go to everyday is pretty time consuming and mind consuming and everything else consuming. I am salivating for my pajamas by the end of the day instead of being of the day :O).

So, here's the plan... a plan I intend to carryout. I am going to walk across the grass that separates the apartments here, knock on the door of my neighbors and say something witty, something brilliant, something like, "Hi, my name is Stephanie... Can we be friends?"

A keeper of a statement! :O)

I am going to go to the nursing home and start a relationship with someone there. "Hi, my name is Stephanie... Can we be friends?"

Oh, and I'm going to go have coffee at midnight even though I'd really much rather be asleep (character flaw, sorry :O) )

Luke said that where your treasure is, you're heart's chilling there too. So, I'm going to stop the pedestal idea that I can only do certain things once (let's recap here) - A. I have a family, B. I have a house, C. I get my feet on the ground - and take put that treasure in today... That's really where it's supposed to be anyway :O)

Yeah? Make sense? No? Blast it!


Blogger robin said...

mmm ... good thoughts, steph. this one's got my name on it, too.
how was coffee @ midnight? did you make it? :)

3:18 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

yeah very good thoughts! I'm there too girlie. Smack dab in there with you.

8:40 PM  

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