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Sunday, July 31, 2005

For all those who take my word as golden truth (which I know is everyone in my reader base HA) SLJ recommends Best Western in Milwaukee, WI. Yes indeed, I do. Why you ask? Well… there wasn’t a mint awaiting my arrival. Nope, no morsel of chocolate atop a freshly laundered, fluffed pillow to welcome a weary traveler. I didn’t receive a warm greeting. No one offered to carry my bags. The room doesn’t smell of potpourri, in fact it kind of stinks, and I don’t know what’s going on outside, but they sure are making a lot of racket! So why do I recommend these four walls hastily called a hotel? Well..did the catch the tense change in the last sentence… .YES! I’m speaking in present tense! I am connected to the internet AS WE SPEAK! As in right now… 10:04, oh wait :) 10:05 Sun. night (do you see how right now it is! The time changed!) I’m really enjoying it!

So, my day started at around 5:30 when my parents (yep, both of them, that’s how much they love me) woke up and headed out to Austin to catch my flight to Milwaukee for the Ag Media Summit. I have more to write about my flight, but since it’s 10:09 (AAAH isn’t it great!) I’m going to save those musings for a later date, but don’t worry, I took notes. Made it to WI in one tired, worn-out piece and luckily caught a free 20-mile ride with other Summit folk to the Hilton where the conference is being held. Dropped off my stuff and headed over to get some grub from Applebees. Then, I met my roomie for the next couple of days, Sara and we headed to register for the summit. Right off the bat, I’m getting a vibe from all the girls that they aren’t here to make friends. They’re here to win. That’s a little weird for me. More to come about that in a future post (10:13). So, I’ve decided that I might not be here to win, but rather to (gasp) learn something.

Good things happen on charter busses. In San Antonio, Crys sat next to a absolute sweetheart from D.C. She is now my friend and said she’d take me to church when I get there. Tonight I sat next to a man named Ray. As he was passing me on the bus I said “howdy,” and he stopped in his tracks, turned around and sat next to me. “Howdy? Did you say howdy? Are you an Aggie?” I told him yes, and with a big grin he stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Ray, class of ireallycan’trememberit’sbeenmorethan5 minutes. He works for the USDA. After a few minutes of chatting about what I wanted to do with my life and what he’s done with his life, he told me to send me my resume and he’d hire me. HA! How about that? I love conferences!

Okay…. More to come


Blogger megamoo06 said...

My stephie! This is amazing! I can hear all about the conference as it happens! I'm sorry things are a little prickly there in the roommate department. Don't worry about Little Anne, she's terrific, and all is well at your house. Have a great time, and KEEP BLOGGING!

9:13 AM  
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