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Friday, May 27, 2005

The only good thing melted.... is chocolate!

Did you know that deodorant melts? Going beyond mushy, when left in a hot car deodorant becomes completely liquid. Ewey McGooey! I came upon this realization Tuesday as I returned to my car from work. The Texas sun worked its magic! My nose noticed the melted hygiene product first as liquefied deodorant gives off an overwhelming powder/clean smell. Now, clean is not a word used to describe my car, so it was definitely a change! Like all liquids, deodorant adsorbs into whatever it’s in contact with. Tuesday, adsorption occurred with my canvas bag. Eeeekkkk!
I picked up the tube, and liquid started streaming out of the bottom. I put my hand under the tube to try to catch it. A lot was coming out, so much that my hand was overflowing with the mess! I thought that if I took the top off the deodorant and put the melted stuff back in, I could save a bit of it. Unfortunately the cap had created a type of vacuum, so when I broke that seal, the remainder of the product gushed out!!!! The white junk went all over my maroon pants, black shirt, bag and seat! White paste EVERYWHERE!!!
Well, at least no one could accuse me of not putting on deodorant!


Blogger Kat said...

ewww...that sounds pretty nasty. I think that I would have just threw my exploding deoderant outside. You have proved your dedicadedness to hygene to me. I commend you. I will see you soon. Call me when you get back into cs. Love ya. bye.

7:44 PM  

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