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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hello :O)

I watched Cinderella today. "Sing sweet nightingale." Oh, memories flood my mind! But you know, I had forgotten how odd the little mice were. They spoke so fast and so high... and with a very strange accent. Truthfully, watching it today, I didn't know what the little mice were saying. I don't remember not being able to understand the mice when I was little. Did Disney find some special pitch or vernacular that adults can't understand? They can do it with cell phone rings. Did Disney brainwash America's youth while Mom and Dad sat next to the kid on the couch? :O) Hopefully they brainwashed us to do something good :O) :O)

I love Disney movies, especially the (comparatively) old ones. No Nemo. No Cars. No Over the Hedge... BRING ON GORDY and ALADDIN!

Good times :O)


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