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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Here's the deal.
I want to live life on purpose. For me, that can only happen in community. Oh, believe me, I've tried it on my own.
Before getting a job, I looked forward to my alone time. I looked forward to me being in control of me. I looked forward to a quiet house when I wanted to go to bed. See the problem there? I bolded the words just in case... The words "I" and "Me" have nothing to do with community.
Here's the sad part- I had it... yeah, it was in my house for four years. I had a community in college, but what did I do with it? I studied. (cringe) I went to meetings. I furthered my career. Man, was that stupid! Now, I would give anything to have a themed dinner with my roommates, to go running with Katherine, to go to a midnight movie with the Auburn Court house, I would have breakfast at 6 a.m. every morning, if that meant I got to share my life with someone.
I'm not writing this out of despair, but rather with hope because I know it's possible! The Lord has put this in my heart not only to better my life, but the lives of all who participate... and those who reap the rewards of happy lives... and the lives that touch the lives that touch the lives that touch the other lives, because the way we live doesn't just affect us. And what does the Lord love, but a LIVE-ER, (without the hyphen, it reads like the organ/meat. ugh. :O) ) a live-er for Him.


Blogger deep&blue said...

You're so positive, Lovey. It's encouraging, cause I know exactly how you feel.

10:58 AM  

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