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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dressing scandalously. Accepting abuse. Cutting one another down.

Why do women live like they're not good enough for the best? I've recently been overwhelmed with the desire to just shout


Somehow, the devil has inched his way into men and women's hearts to think that we're just not enough on our own. So, to make up the difference we feel on the scale, we do things that may grant attention... but don't improve.

I have a friend who teaches middle school near Tyler. She talks a lot about how they disrespect themselves by denying education, by using fowl language, not wearing a lot of clothes and even discussing things that are sexual in nature. I want to take all of these girls and just tell them that they are so special. And I want to take these guys and tell them that they are so special.

People may say that it's the style of the times (dressing too mature and being hateful), but, really... I am in the times... I'm not an old person, I'm a fresh-cracked farm egg straight from my college nest. Rather than blame culture and Brittney Spears, I think a lot of it goes back to shame we feel as humans. If you want to blame someone, blame our first culture pop stars - so... thank you Adam and Eve.

If we lived like Proverbs 11:12, Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion, I really think we (women)would change our mind at how we acted. Who cares if a pig has a gold ring in its nose? It's still a pig. It still eat cow manure. It still smells. (and this is coming from someone who loooovvveesss pigs... another lister else could go on with this pig-putrid talk).

So, what is outward beauty, what is a 3 inch mini skirt, what is a cleavage enhancing shirt, if you're just a pig on the inside. Inward beauty ladies... inward beauty is where it's at. Inward beauty leads to respect because, face it, I'm worth it. Inward beauty knows that I'm okay, no, forget okay... good... forget good... best... forget best... LOVED! That you are loved by Jesus. I haven't channeled some crazy talking preacher... you really are loved by Him. Love is all anyone wants anyway right? That's why people hurt one another in talk and action. That's why women disrespect themselves.

So, I guess the story part of this is, the feeling has prompted me to the point of opening my mouth and creating awkward moments for myself.

What else is new?

Maybe if this gig doesn't turn out I'll take up harrasing middle schoolers about how wonderful they are.


Blogger Jan said...

You tell 'em, Steph! And they will listen to you! I'm praying God continues to lead you so you know you're right where He wants you. Isn't life exciting with the Lord! I love you!

7:31 AM  

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