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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Deja view-

This morning.

Walking from Reed Arena parking with no backpack. It's raining and I have my huge umbrella made to cover a golfer and his full swing. My walking route is across the street, in front of the parking garage, under the new tunnel that cuts through Wellborn, in front of Kyle Field, through the MSC breezeway and beside Rudder fountain. I was walking to work, but I felt like I was walking to Reed McDonald to my old Extension job. This was the first time I have walked that route since last summer! Isn't that crazy? It felt good, like I was walking somewhere that I wanted to be, like once I got there I would be dried off and taken care of. It isn't the job that my heart was wishing my feet would take it to, rather it was the people.

I miss you Crystal, Edith and Megan. I miss you a lot. You know how Rutherford used to talk about Ashley refusing to wear dresses that didn't twirl? She said Ashley would stand on the coffee table and turn and turn and turn until everyone vocalized their love for her cupcake poofed dress? I'm pretty sure it wasn't the dress Ashley loved so much, but rather how she felt in it. (Here comes the corned beef) I feel like I'm wearing a twirling skirt around y'all. Being with you, my friends, makes me feel loved and appreciated and... well, enough. I feel like I am enough. That's not to say that I don't feel like enough around other people, but I know that you love me no matter what. I know that you care about my well-being. I know you would drop fine china to hold my hand.

For that, thank you! This sounds pretty pathetic, but will you three still be mine?


Blogger Kat said...

just came to say... goodbye love ... goodbye looo ooo ooove... goodbye love goodbye... I hate saying goodbye too. I tried to call you back tonight, but i failed. I do miss you. I am so blessed to have a friend in you. You make me happy :) when skies are blue. love ya girlie

9:14 PM  

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