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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Goodbyes have never been my favorite... saying see ya' later to my parents after high school (not so fun), waving bye my wonderful office at Extension (they continue to be wonderful) ... that awesome bowl hair-cut I had in 5th grade (well, maybe that one wasn't a bad adios :O) ). Now I'm losing my dear to heart friends family here in C.S. Megan Erin, Crystal Celeste, Katherine Marie, Tamara Gene and Robin Marie are all leaving. I'm leaving. We're all leaving. Kendra is leaving the state, semi-permanently! Everyone's leaving and my brother is just starting. I hope he has special people in his life like I did, do. Ag's graduation was last Friday and I watched it on T.V.... amazingly, I knew almost every person that walked across the stage. I'm pretty sure that television screen provided the last glimpse I'll ever get of the class of 2006 at TAMU. That was it for most of my classmates. It was a little sad. There I sat packing up the memories that these people helped me make, while they walked to the edge of the T.V. screen and away from me. The College of Ag is such a close knit group. I'm glad I got to be part of it all. I'm especially glad that the connection doesn't end.


Blogger Deep&Blue said...

BUT GUESS WHAT! You can come visit me in DENVER!!!!

Please? I'll make you tea!

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