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Friday, September 23, 2005


Well yea! Last weekend I went to Hershey, PA and Amish country with Katie, Kurtis, Jimbo and Lucy and it was GREAT!

I can't write about the trip up there because I'm too excited about telling y'all about Hershey. AAAAAHHHH! We went to the Hershey amusement park and it was lots of fun! We rode rides and then... went to the Hershey museum. The Hershey museum! AAAAH! I could actually smell the chocolate in the air. We went on a tour and learned how they made chocolate! Then... we ate chocolate! In the gift shop area (a HUGE warehouse looking place) there was "chocolate left, chocolate right, chocolate lovers chocolate lovers we're all right!" I went nuts! It was everywhere! They were dolling the stuff out for free! Oh my goodness! It fantastic fantastic fantastic!

I don't have to explain my love for chocolate to anyone reading this blog. Y'all know that I eat it, breathe it, live it, love it... and I think the Hershey people could see it in me.. the chocolate passion :O). They threw big ole' Hershey kisses at me and welcomed me into their world with open arms. I never wanted to leave! I wanted to drop my internship and get a job at the Hershey factory. My business card could read, official NO 1 chocolate connoisseur and lifestyle PR specialist. Aaaah. It was great!

Phew! I can write about the trip now that I've gotten the chocolate shock out of my system. It was absolutely beautiful. Just a few miles of the city, the clogged roads and crowded sky opened up to a breathtaking view of mountains, rivers, lakes, dairies, pastures, old silos and God's beauty. It was just what I needed. D.C. is a beautiful place, but its beauty comes from concrete. The only trees are in a straight line the only green space is carefully manicured with flower beds. There's no natural flow to it. I like the natural flow. It makes me miss home.


Blogger megamoo06 said...

Ahh, chocolate and the beauty of nature... Really, what else can a girl ask for?

7:40 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

mmmm... yum! I wish that i was eating chocolate this very minute! If i worked at the chocolate factory, i would be soooo fat! fat and happy ...with future health problems.

9:28 AM  

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