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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Phew… it has been a while since I last blogged, sorry friends.

The CHCI Annual Gala was held September 14 (there are a few pictures) at the big convention center. It was super fun! Hannah, Whitney and I went together and had so much fun getting all gallafied. I had three tickets, but only two of them were together, so I took the loner and sat with Dupont. They were great. One of the Dupont hosts graduated from Clemson with a Plant Science degree and ribbed me all night about the Ag’s football loss to them the week before :O). She was really sweet though. The other host sat to my right. He was a grad of TU and was a nice fella as well. To continue the table seating chart - my left sat a woman from the Department of Homeland Security. We had l’9a good talk about FEMA and who was to blame and lots of other interesting topics. As for the couple across from me, the husband was a grad of TAMU. He recruited me to talk his daughter into perusing an ag j degree. You know, these people never stop. The meet and greet is a perpetual process. I’ve never been asked for my card so many times in a night! I learned something from that dinner… always have your cards with you! You look like an idiot if you don’t!

The food was fantastic… the most tender beef I have ever tasted! I wore my dress. My beautiful, I shouldn’t have spent so much money on an item of clothing, dress. But no matter the price tag I really like it and plan on wearing it mucho mucho more times! Maybe to the opera Hannah is trying to talk me into seeing!

My scheduler offered me her house to get ready, but instead we three girls of intern status (that was a weak attempt to copy “We 3 Kings of Orient”) jetted over to Whitney’s apartment and got ready in 15 min. Hannah did my hair in the taxi. Crazy stuff!

At the mid-way part of the evening I excused myself for a breather when who did I see, but none other than Mr. John Kerry… close enough to touch. Although he’s definitely not my favorite person, it was still neat to see him up close. Good times. Then we went home and didn’t go to the after party….. The end.

Just kidding! You didn’t think I could end without a “and this is what I was thinking” moment.

This is what I was thinking-

I was thinking how good it felt to talk about agriculture. I was thinking how good it felt to have your comments understood and listened to. It felt good to have an opinion! At work all I do work wise is open mail, answer phones and do the occasional odd job. I don’t have to have an opinion to do that… and really, my opinion faces opposition, so being the peacemaker that I am, I keep my mouth shut unless I have a sound explanation to go along with the red flagged topic. It was GREAT to talk about subsidies and what that meant for the present and future agriculturalists, and really just chat about ag topics. I had a full menu of conversation topics back at Ag Comm, where part of my heart still is…. But up here, yeah, that menu of things to talk about was cut to slim pickins’.

So, long story short. I like agriculture…. And even though ag reaches deep and far and wide into every committee, subcommittee, interest group, and caucus. people don’t know anything about it. I was looking to rein in my career interests while I was up here, and I’ve made one decision… I need to be in some field of agriculture. Preferably where people don’t carry around business cards all the time.

Yeah, that’d be nice :o)

more to come with topics like my trip to Hershey and Amish country, the country music reception, the fundraiser and the pet reception. Good times.


Blogger megamoo06 said...

Hola mi amiga! You cultured, rubbing-elbows-with-presidential-nominees-chica! I miss you so! Ag Comm, (no matter how entertaining Crystal is and no matter how much I love them all,) is NOT the same with out YOU. Do you know, sometimes it's actually quite silent? I know, hard to believe! Rub some elbows for me.

7:40 PM  

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