eudaemonic- (adj.) producing happiness and well-being

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I went to the Washington Nationals v. Mets game last weekend. It was loads of fun! I got two tickets from my Congressman... one for me and one for my friend Katie. They were great! I have never sat so close to any game.. okay okay, so maybe I've enjoyed a little league game that close before.. but thats different :O) ! When we arrived, we actually had to go down, not up the ramps with the rest of the cheap ticket crowd. Although I stand proud as a $15 ticket buyer up on the top deck, it was AWESOME to sit so close. When we made it down (whoop for down), we were escorted to our proper seats. Yes, I said escorted!!! It was GREAT! I don't know a lot about baseball, but I had fun taking pictures :O). Well Yea!

Since we were enjoying the game for free, Katie and I decided to treat ourselves to ice cream. It was a great evening! Cool weather, super close seats to a great baseball game and chocolate ice cream! Good times!


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