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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have a friend who is questioning God. Man, the problem's a cinch to type out, but so frustratingly difficult to help. He has a Christian background... the bad kind, the kind that says you're never good enough. I mean, it's true. We aren't good enough for Christ. But the part that his past is missing... the part his heart is aching for (I can tell) is the grace part. The forgiveness part. Duh, we're not good enough. DUH! But Christ didn't die on the cross so his children could wallow in self-hatred... He died to set... us... FREE! Freedom, that's what Christ, the real Christ, wants to bring to my friend. Buddy boy's a thinker, that one, and relies a lot on science-like explanations. Christ does not fit any kind of theorem or thesis or temperature reading. He brings his love completely unearned... completely free, for all sorts of takers.

Life... that's what a life with Him brings. It's not always great but it's a real life that means something. (I'm not talking about Christian "morals," or outreach... but real meaning.)

When talking about Jesus, the main draw I hear for coming to Him is the simple choice between Heaven and Hell. Yep, that's real... but it doesn't kick in until you're dead. Right?

I think equal to the promise of eternity in Heaven (whoa doggie) is the promise of life. The Holy Spirit swoops into you. You have a plan. You have forgiveness. You have love. You have LIFE.

Life is a big deal. Philosophers try to define it. Singers sing about it. Therapists break it down. But, Christians, we live it... Yes (again) it's not perfect... but it's the one for us. Does that take trust? Yep. But is that another great part of life? I think so.


Blogger robin said...

you're right on, sister.

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